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At Cerulinber, we are undertaking the tasks to help people getting better health to maintain the normal health status, to build up the immune system, to improve the people's quality of life (Q.O.L.) by using the natural dietary food supplement. 

It is not easy, but we have to work hard in R&D (Research and Development) to find the suitable products as possible to overcome the obstacles on the health way.

God created people and give the capabilities to resist all kinds of attacks from environment. Through so-called "progress of civilization", the resistance to the diseases is getting diminished, by using vaccines and antibiotics, the viruses and bacteria taking longer latency in our bodies.  


Besides, there are reasons that cause diseases such as eating disorders, strong pressure in our life, bad living environment (smog, contaminated water, and so on), bad living habits (staying up late, smoking, drinking, etc.).

Nowadays, people start to recognize the body health needs, and realize the importance of  "prevention is better than cure".  Cerulinber understands the needs and make products to meet the demands. All our products are developed by the principle of maximizing the efficacy, bioavailability, as well as minimizing body's toxicities and side effects.  To make it simple, we aim to increase or maximize body's efficacy & bioavailabilities.  Good formulations are of essence.  The quality of our products is carefully examined and our production procedure is complied to USP/NF regulation and FDA requirements.


Through our R&D team the produced products are designed to be relevant to the health problems and concerns. We focus on the potency of each main ingredients qualitatively, quantitatively, and the microorganisms and heavy metals are seriously considered and put under control via various lab tests. For example, the botanical herbs we use in the formulas, are placed in the defined class based on all the information included, in the book of "American Herbal Products Association" and "Botanical Safety Handbook".

We sincerely hope our products shall bring our customers and consumers good health and help them live longer and better.  


Our Dietary Supplements


Once Daily Series

Once Daily Series is designed based on the daily nutritional needs of different age and gender groups. There are four products in this series: Once Daily for Adults, Once Daily for Seniors, Once Daily for Women and Once Daily for Men.

Each supplement is formulated with multivitamins, minerals, trace minerals and a proprietary blend of natural herbs for daily wellness and nutrition balance. 

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Eye Health

"Eyes are the window to the soul".  

The eyes need to be nourished properly all the time. Without proper nutrition, eye problems occur.   It is important to maintain good eye health.  We present two products for eye health: Ceru-Eye Bright Bright Capsule for adults and Ceru-Eye K Chewable for children 4 years and older. 

Each supplement includes botanical and other nutrients to promote eye health.

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Sexual Wellness Series

Sex plays an important role in adult life. Throughout history people have been seeking aphrodisiacs to improve their sexual performance in different cultures. Based on our years of research and experiments, we have developed a series of formulas that aim to help improve sex health. 

Our Sexual Wellness Series includes five products: Ceru-Sexoxxe, Ceru-Victin, Ceru-Vira X, Ceru-Platina X and Ceru-Maca X. Each supplement is a formulated blend of natural herbs and other essential nutrients which may help improve sex health. 

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